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Eco-Friendly & Efficient

The QaneBrella comes equipped with an extendable silicon rain-catcher. Our aim is to erase the need for single-use plastic umbrella sleeves. The rain-catcher allows the QaneBrella to be dried off and for any rainwater to be disposed
hassle-free without making a mess.

Added Safety

For added visibility and safety in rain and at night, light reflective discs are incorporated into the design on the canopy of the QaneBrella.

Classy & Comfortable

In today's society, many elderly avoid using canes due to the social stigma attached to them, instead opting for alternatives that may not provide sufficient support.

Thus, our team has tested countless prototypes hoping to find a solution. After 16 tries, we are proud to present the latest: The QaneBrella, a 2-in-1 walking cane and umbrella.

Seamlessly Attractive

As part of the Citi-YMCA YFC Programme 2019, QaneMate has teamed up with Singapore Cancer Society to use the QaneBrella as an artistic platform for cancer warriors to express their creativity through zentangle art.

Every QaneBrella has an exclusive hand-drawn artisan design made by cancer warriors and students from St. Joseph's Instituition International (SJII).

Learn more about Project QaneBrella and the making of artisan QaneBrellas here.

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