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About Us

Our Vision

We envision a higher universal standard for the safety of our elderly in an ageing society.

Our Mission

To develop a platform that empowers the less fortunate through safer mobility and smarter living.

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The QaneMate Team on The Straits Times on the 29th of July, 2019.

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Our Story

The idea of a QaneMate was first conceived when the two young inventors, Ian Hao and his sister Ing le, were eating at a hawker centre in 2013. They noticed an old lady drinking coffee with a walking cane leaning on the side of the table. As the table surface was smooth, the cane fell to the ground. When the old lady attempted to retrieve the fallen cane, she lost her balance and fell, injuring her head in the process. From then on, the siblings decided that the walking cane should not be a hazard, but a benefit to the user.


Thus, the QaneMate was born.

The Process

Our Partnership with Bizlink

QaneMate has partnered with Bizlink Centre Singapore to outsource our assembly work to support 5 craftsmen.

Bizlink Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving disadvantaged individuals, in particular persons with special needs, through training and employment in Singapore.

Learn more about Bizlink here  

Our Bizlink Team (from the left):

Rachel Leow May Wern, Tan Wen Xuan,

Gloria Ko, Koh Cheng Ngiap & Sherman Low Ying Han.

Meet The Team

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Dr. Loh Yin Sze

Founding Director

Dr. Loh Yin Sze is the founding Chairwoman and director of Qanemate Pte Ltd , a social enterprise and Qares its affiliated non-profit entity. Driven by innovation and social entrepreneurship, the Qanemate and Qares platforms work to empower youths to lift the lesser in society with a view to safer and smarter mobility with the Qanemate mobility aid holder.


Seng Ing Le

Chief Executive Officer

I am a 15 year old student in high school, and enjoy writing and playing gamesin my free time. I embarked on this journey of the QaneMate as I felt a very special bond with the elders since young. I have always felt the need to empower and lift others, and spread joy, especially to the elders. I sincerely hope that the QaneMate project will enable the elderly, or any other minority group to empower themselves, and let them stand on their own two feet, before helping others stand too :)

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Tan Xiang Tian

Deputy CEO

I am a retired Team Singapore athlete looking to contribute back to the society. As an athlete, I was privileged to have received guidance and support through my sporting journey. As a student, I was fortunate to have Ian, Ing Le and their family support my academic pursuits. I firmly believe that kindness can be a strong force to connect and unite people. I have been volunteering in the Youth sector, and working in the Special Needs sector currently. I joined QaneMate because I am inspired by the founders in their quest to give back, and strongly believe in QaneMate’s vision. I will also like to use this opportunity to expand my horizons in volunteering, and spread the power of kindness to as many individuals or groups as I possibly can.


Ryan Koh

Chief Technical Officer

I am a Team Singapore Wushu athlete and a Bioengineering student at Singapore Polytechnic. I am embarking on a journey to create a better tomorrow for mobility aid users with Qanemate as I am inspired by their spirit and vision of giving back. I strongly believe that the intention of giving back to society should come from the bottom of our hearts. I always have a sense of happiness when I am able to make a positive impact other individuals or groups. With the knowledge that I have learnt in school and together with the Qanemate team, I am certain we will be able to make a  difference in today's society.

*All Office bearers are currently volunteers.

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