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QaneMate + Qane

The QaneMate is a smart, adaptive walking stick holder that keeps the walking stick upright and within reach of the user when not in use. An array of smart features are embedded in the Classic QaneMate: The NFC chip is programmed to enhance user experience, providing quick access to the day's weather forecast and UV index.


This package comes with FDI France's The Soft Step ergonomic walking cane - Imported from France, The Soft Step boasts an extremely light, high quality aluminum shaft that benefits from soft FDI coating on the shock absorbing and non-slip ferrule base for maximum comfort and balance.



Colour: Pearl White

Mass: 360g

Maximum Weight User: 100kg

Height of Support: from 730 mm to 1070 mm

Height adjustment: 14 positions in steps of 25 mm

FDI France 

QaneMate + Qane

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